Pickled Olive & Jalapeño

Pickled Olive & Jalapeno is made from freshly handpicked Olives and Jalepeno. It is a unique spicy blend of Jalapeno, olives preserved in olive oil to give a taste of fusion between South Asia and Europe. It has an innovative fusion flavor, an appealing aroma & smooth flavor that will pamper your tastebuds. It can be used with pizza, biryani, and curry.

Mace Powder

It has a sweet and spicy taste that gives strong aromatic flavor to items like biryani, curry, kebab, soup and dessert. It helps in digestion.

Nutmeg Powder

It adds a rich sweet distinctive, and aromatic flavor to items like biryani, curry, kebab, salad, soup and vegetables. It detoxifies body, helps in digestion, and boosts immunity.

Mexican Salsa

Mexican Salsa is a tomato-based sauce or dip that is native to Mexico. It is a heterogeneous mixture that includes additional ingredients such as onions, chilies, beans, corn, and various spices. It has a piquant taste, ranging from mild to extremely hot. It can be used with french fries, snacks, tortillas, kebabs, cutlets, and chips.


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